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There are many ways in which to experience the authentic spirit of Africa. Whether it’s taking a game drive or a walking safari, skimming over the waters of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro canoe, spotting predators at night or visiting a remote village school, our guides will show you Africa as they know it.

Game Drives

Game Drives

The word “safari” conjures up images of open-air vehicles, vast open plains and herds of great animals. A game drive is an iconic way in which you take a safari and get in touch with the wilds.

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Night Safari

Night drives are markedly different from daytime game drives. As the heavy sun dips below the African horizon, the world takes on a different scent, sound and shape. Armed only with red filter night light – the game is on to spot predators hunting or eating, or the rare porcupine or aardvark.

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As the Okavango Delta floods with the seasons our safaris take to the waters. Inspired by the people of the past who used traditional wooden mokoros as a form of transport, a modern version of this dugout canoe is a relaxing way to explore the reed-lined waterways and discover smaller creatures you wouldn’t typically see from a vehicle or on foot.

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Walking Safari

Walking Safari

Nothing heightens the senses like hiking through an area alive with threatening predators. Every sound is amplified, every movement is magnified and the sheer size of large animals is put into perspective when seen up close and on foot. A walking safari is a rich opportunity in which to experience the details of life in the bush – both big and small.

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Birding Safari

Bird lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to birdwatching in southern Africa. The region’s wealth of varied habitats – including watering holes, forests, flood plains, mud pans and wetlands – attract a vast range of resident and migratory species.

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Cultural Visits 2

Cultural Exchange

The purpose of going on a safari was not limited to seeing animals. It was a journey of discovery; of new lands, new plants, new tribes, foods, languages and traditions. Machaba Safaris embraces this authentic experience by weaving in rich opportunities for cultural engagement with Africa’s local people.

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