What to expect on safari

Going on a safari is an unforgettable adventure. While you will be treated like royalty, true luxury lies in the pristine landscapes, a different kind of silence and an ancient understanding of humankind’s relationship to the land.

Variety Of Experiences Option 2

A variety of experiences

No two outings are the same

Most of our camps are located on private concessions, giving you exclusive access to some of the most precious biomes in Africa. These diverse environments give rise to a rich and varied safari ranging from game drives, walking safaris to mokoro safaris and birding. Given that wild animals move to their own rhythm, you may not see everything on your list, but this is the joy of an authentic safari.

Close Encounters Option 2

Close encounters

Learn the art of spotting

When on a driving safari, our guides will get you as close to the animals as possible, while keeping you safe. All of our vehicles are open and it’s not uncommon for animals to come up really close for a better look. When in the bush, it’s key to be focused and alert. Spotting animals comes with practice and your guide will teach you how to scan the landscape for animals in the trees and tall grass.

Pristine Environments Option

Pristine and untamed environments

Your private slice of paradise

The global population is estimated to be 7.7 billion people, highlighting just how rare it is to savour an untouched piece of earth. Watching the sun climb into the sky, savouring the scent of the bush and hearing the sounds of an elephant chewing on a branch are experiences that touch the soul. To safeguard these landscapes, each of our locations has an extremely low footprint and are very well protected.

New Friendships

New friendships and broader perspectives

A safari is more than just animals

Africans are known for their warmth and hospitality and our lodge staff and tour guides are no exception. They appreciate that for many guests a safari is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and do everything they can to ensure that each visit is an unforgettable one. Shared stories at dinner time or around the fire often mean that when you leave, you take a new perspective on life home with you, no matter where in the world you live.

A safari experience unpacked

An unknown experience can be both exciting and daunting, we have unpacked some of the practical aspects of going on safari.

The daily rhythm of a safari

The shape of a typical day in the bush



  • Wake up call
  • Light breakfast in the main area
  • Depart for your morning activity: game drive, nature walk, mokoro
  • Return from the morning activity
  • Brunch


  • Leisure/siesta time
    • Possible activities: Swimming pool, curio shop, spa
  • Afternoon tea
  • Depart on afternoon game drive


  • Return from the game drive
  • Dinner under the stars (weather permitting)
  • After dinner: optional night drive (camp dependent)

What do I need on Safari

Given our experience in hosting guests from all corners of the earth, we have compiled some handy information to help you be well prepared for your trip.

Need more info?

We take care of pretty much everything you will need on your safari, but read on for more information around what you need to do before your trip, during your trip, health and safety, and an idea of the different activities available.

Health and Safety

Are your camps situated in malaria areas?

Machaba, Little Machaba and Gomoti are all situated in low-risk malaria areas.

What happens if I have a medical emergency while visiting your camp?

All camps have a medical emergency procedure and trained first aiders amongst the staff. The camp stocks a small supply of medication for allergies, colds and flu, dehydration, cuts, bites and scratches. The sites have 24-hour communication with Maun, and can arrange emergency evacuation by air if necessary.

With no fences in the camps, how is my safety ensured?

Our camps are situated in wildlife areas, so we urge guests to be vigilant at all times. Please do not walk around the camp unescorted after dark. Your guide or a member of the management team will escort you to and from your room. Please stay on the pathways during the day, and press the button three times on your emergency horn should you need emergency assistance at any time.

Do I need to take any vaccinations before visiting these areas?

There are no mandatory vaccinations required for entering Botswana. But surrounding countries might require vaccinations should you be crossing borders.

Transport and logistics

What are the baggage restrictions on the flights to camps?

Only soft luggage is permitted, with a weight restriction of 20kg per person (including hand luggage).

What kind of planes will I be flying in?

You will be travelling in small planes and light aircraft, with the ability to land on short narrow “bush airstrips”.

How do I get to the camp from the airport?

Machaba will arrange all transfers to and from airports and between camps.

Living in a tented camp

Do your suites have internet access?

All camps now have internet access in the rooms, except for Mana River Camp and Ngoma Safari Lodge, which have internet access only in the main areas.

Can animals get into my tent?

Animals generally do not go into tents, unless a tent is left open and something attracts them such as food.

What should I do if I hear animals next to my tent?

Stay calm and do not make any sudden noises or movements. Follow the instructions you will receive in your briefing upon arrival.

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