Walking safaris

Nothing heightens the senses like walking through the African bushveld amongst nature's untamed creatures. Every sound is amplified, every movement is magnified and the sheer size of large animals is put into perspective when on foot. A walking safari provides an opportunity to experience the finer details of life in the bush – both big and small.

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A raw and untamed experience

Set out in the morning light on a walking safari equipped with your survival instincts and the company of a professional armed guide. Being on foot grants you access to places that game vehicles can’t reach and affords you the viewing advantages of silence and stealth.

  • Adrenalin-rich encounters in the wilds.

  • Explore areas only accessible on foot.

  • Tune in to the sounds, scents, textures and temperatures of the bush.

  • Observe animals without the sound of a 4 x 4.


Piece together nature's many stories

Learn basic tracking skills

Rekindle your human instincts of how to track and read the signs of the bush. With your guide’s help, you will see your surroundings in a completely different and unforgettable light. Every scent, marking or sound is a clue.

  • A wildlife experience at its most intimate.
  • Incredible views and photographic opportunities.
  • Get up close and personal with nature and wildlife.
  • Learn tracking and other skills of surviving in the bush.
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From Management

A walk in the wild will heighten your senses and allow you to experience the finer details of life in the bush

Front row seats to Africa

Nature at its most intimate

Pit your instincts against the animals of the wild as you travel on foot through some of the most remote regions of the bush. You will learn how to tune into telling details and smaller creatures that would otherwise be missed.

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Stimulate your senses and book your authentic African safari experience

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