Game Drives

The word “safari” conjures up images of open-air vehicles, vast open plains and herds of great animals. A game drive is an iconic way in which to take a safari and get in touch with the wilds.  

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An experience you can't put a price on

The beauty of a game drive is that you can cover vast areas of ground to find the animals you want to see from the safety and comfort of a customised open-sided vehicle.

  • Robust open-air vehicles designed for comfort and spectacular game viewing.

  • Experienced guides who share their knowledge while keeping you safe.

  • Span vast terrains and biomes, seeing a variety of fauna and flora.

  • Get off the beaten track and get up close to animals.


Game drive highlights

See animals in their natural habitat

Our rangers agree – no two drives are ever the same. Each outing is ripe with potential. Sometimes it will be a pack of African wild dogs trotting on the hunt and at others, it may be a lioness drinking at a waterhole with her cubs. It’s nature’s version of the lotto.

  • Get into the animal’s environment and see how they live.
  • Our highly trained guides and hosts will open your eyes and your mind. 
  • Uncover the fine balance between animals, their environment and conservation.
  • Witness the drama and majesty of predators and prey.
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From Management

Enjoy open-air vehicles, vast open plains and herds of great animals

Front row seats to Africa

Become one with the land

There is no better place to learn about the delicate relationship between biomes, plants and animals than in the bush – where the animals greatly outnumber the humans.

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From game drives to untamed walking safaris under the care of our highly trained guides, there is always something to see and do. Experience our unique water-based activities depending on the season, and the water levels during your visit.

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