Cultural exchange

The purpose of going on a safari was not limited to seeing animals. It was a journey of discovery; of new lands, new plants, new tribes, foods, languages and traditions. Machaba Safaris embraces this authentic experience by weaving in rich opportunities for cultural engagement with Africa’s local people.

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The spirit of Africa

As a Machaba Safaris’ traveller, you have an open invitation to meet the local villagers and witness what life in a remote part of Africa is like. The wealth of generosity and hospitality that every guest receives on arrival is heartwarming.

  • Visit local villages and meet new friends.

  • Give back to the land and her people.  

  • Experience the joy of connecting across language and cultures.

  • See Machaba Safaris’ community development initiatives at work.


The spirit of Africa

As a Machaba Safaris' traveller, you have an open invitation to meet the local

Machaba Safaris are actively involved in meaningful initiatives that offer support to villagers living in the remote areas in which we operate. And while we are the ones doing the helping, we end up receiving so much more than we could ever have imagined.

  • Learn about local culture, heritage and knowledge of the land.
  • Be mesmerised by traditional tribal dance performances.
  • Discover life in an African village.
  • Visit some of Machaba Safari’s social responsibility sites.
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From Management

Our range of cultural visits and activities will leave you feeling fulfilled and connected to the local community and environmental initiatives

Front row seats to Africa

Be enchanted by the people of the land

Language is no barrier when it comes to connecting with the people of Africa. Take tea in a local village, watch a display of traditional dancing or even give a talk to a class filled with young and eager minds.

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Talk to us about how best to experience Africa's rich local culture.

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From bird watching to taking an untamed walking safari under the care of a highly trained guide, there is always something to see and do.

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