Mokoro Safaris

As the Okavango Delta floods with the seasons our safaris take to the waters. Inspired by the people of the past who used traditional wooden mokoros as a form of transport, a modern version of this dugout canoe is a relaxing way to explore the reed-lined waterways and discover smaller creatures you wouldn’t typically see from a vehicle or on foot.

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The iconic symbol of the delta

The silence of travelling in a mokoro means that birds and animals are less likely to take fright, allowing you the opportunity to capture that perfect photo and see that lesser-spotted bird.

  • See the Okavango Delta from a different point of view.

  • Access places that land vehicles can’t.

  • A skilled “poler” will guide your mokoro with control and dexterity.

  • Photographer’s dream as the silence of the mokoro lets you capture those perfect shots.


Soak up nature at a slower pace

Glide across mirrors of water

Very little beats the tranquillity of gliding through narrow water channels in the company of smaller amphibians like reed frogs and dragonflies that you would usually miss out on.

  • Soak up a different point of view.
  • Catch details that would otherwise be missed. 
  • See micro colourful frogs and macro-sized elephants knee-deep in water.
  • Unrivalled peace and silence.
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From Management

The most relaxing way to explore the waterways and discover a perspective you wouldn't typically get from a vehicle or on foot

Front row seats to Africa

Become one with the waters

Your experienced Machaba Safaris guide will navigate the channels while you relax and soak up the sights and sounds. From wallowing elephants to small winged water creatures, life on the water is an aquatic world of its own.

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Let us draw on our experience to craft a mokoro safari experience for you.

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