Mana River Camp Wildlife Stories July 2023

It is mid-winter in Mana Pools National Park and the days remain nice and warm with dawn and dusk remaining a bit chilly. There has been very little rain recently so we have noticed the wildlife congregating close to permanent waterholes and the banks of the Zambezi.

Puppy Feeding Time

It was during one of our morning game drives when we came across an entire pack of wild dogs including their seven pups. We watched as each of the adults in the pack regurgitated meat that they had recently eaten.

The pups tucked in and filled their bellies with the nutritious meal. After they had finished every last morsel they headed back to the safety of their den.

Not Quite Stealthy Enough

As we drove down through the Mana Acacia forest one morning we were thrilled to spot a pride of lions on a hunt. They were stalking a small herd of zebras.

Unbeknownst to a young and inexperienced male lion, a lone zebra on the periphery of the herd spotted him and let out a loud alarm call. The zebras scattered and the lions missed out on a meal. The young male lion definitely learned a new lesson on the importance of stealth.

One Against Many

While we watched a pack of wild dogs and their pups drink and play around Chisasiko Pool, we spotted a lone hyena heading down for a drink. When the hyena saw the wild dogs it immediately headed towards them in an attempt to get the pups.

The wild dogs formed a defensive barrier around the pups and a fight between hyena and wild dogs ensued. The hyena was heavily outnumbered and was quickly chased off with a few injuries on his legs. The lesson here is - Don't mess with wild dogs and their pups!

Machaba Safaris Zimbabwe Mana Pools National Park July 2023 Wilddog Heyna

We have been really enjoying these winter months at Mana Pools National Park. The weather has been great and the sightings even better. The drier the landscape gets the more sightings we see around the waterholes.

Until next time,
Mana River Camp