Ingwe Pan Camp Wildlife Sightings June 2023

The cooler daytime temperatures during June have brought with it some thrilling big cat sightings. While the water in the pans begins to dry-up slowly during the dry winter months, the animals move closer to the pan in front of camp. 

Zimbabwe Mana Pools Ingwe Pan Elephants At Pan

A Welcome Sundowner Guest

After a fantastic sundowner in the heart of the private concession, we began heading back to camp and came across the resident male leopard. He had decided to meander down to one of the pans for a refreshing drink, allowing us ample time to gaze on in awe.

To make the sighting that much more thrilling the leopard began to move closer to the vehicle. We stayed with the leopard until the light faded and the stars started to come out.

Zimbabwe Ingwe Pan Camp  Leopard On Road

Playful Pint-Sized Pachyderms

Lately, we have been visited in the camp by the same herd of elephants with their two tiny calves in tow. Each time they head for the pan, we watch in delight as the two little elephants play, splash, and push one another around in the water while the rest of the herd munch on the water hyacinth and watch them closely.  The water is so deep in places that often all we can see of the young elephants is the tip of their trunks sticking up out of the water.

This same herd also makes quite a commotion when they move through the camp. The clumsy little elephants, who aren't yet so graceful and comfortable with their size, end up knocking over chairs.  The encounter with the chairs always surprises them and they let out a mighty trumpet of sound to ward off the potentially dangerous chair. 

Elephants love fresh water and they come right up close to the camp and drink from the bird baths, along with the babies who go in head first and bum in the air. They are so close that you can see the fuzzy hair that covers them with a bit of warmth.

June has been spectacular. The playful antics of the elephants and the frequent sightings of leopards are definitely keeping us busy. With so much happening in and around the pan this time of year and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Until next time,
Misty Drummond
Ingwe pan Camp