Gomoti Plains Wildlife Stories June 2023

By day, we watched wildlife as they roamed the wild African bush. By night, we huddled around the campfire to tell and retell unforgettable stories of our experiences in the Okavango. It may be the middle of our dry winter, but finding new cubs is warming the hearts of our guides and guests at Gomoti Plains. What a month it has been…

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Sightings July Lioness And Cub

Puff Adder Pairing

Solitary and usually less active during our winter months, we came across a surprising sighting of puff adders mating. 

Puff adders are part of the small percentage of snakes that do not lay eggs, but the female will incubate eggs internally. Puff adders give birth to between 20 and 60 live snakelets. This process is highly effective as a way to avoid predation of the snake’s eggs. For many guests on safari, this is indeed an interesting and once-in-a-lifetime sighting.

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Sightings July Puff Adders Mating

The Circle of Life

Death is so much a part of life in the wild. When one animal dies, nothing goes to waste. 

We came across an elephant that had died of natural causes in a river. We knew that before long, the scent would attract all sorts of predators, who will make good use of the meat. 

Two lionesses, six lion cubs and a Nile crocodile were found feasting on the remains when we returned a few days later. We have also seen the scavenging hyenas trying to get their fair share.

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Sightings July Lions


It is well known that not all animals in the Animal Kingdom are good mothers. 

Cheetah females are one of the exceptions and will rear their young until they are old and strong enough to go off on their own. We have been spending some time with a cheetah mother this month. Clearly injured, she is still looking after six cubs. 

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Gomoti Plains

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Sightings July Cheetah Termite Mound