Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings July 2023

The weather this month has been very unusual, with a bit more rain and some chilly mornings. With the drying up of the Chobe floodplain, wildlife is beginning to congregate around waterholes. All these confined spaces mean the sightings have been extraordinary.

Machaba Safaris Ngoma Safari Lodge

Last Chance Lions

Sometimes our guests travel from across the world to see one particular animal. For our guests staying this month they were in search of lions. Usually, it is common to see them often but this time of year has been tough for sightings.

We searched and searched throughout their stay. And on the last day, we took the guests out for one last game drive and followed some tracks until we found a pride of over twenty lions. We watched them for a long while and the guests were thoroughly excited to finally see lions!

A pride of lions comes into view on safari at Ngoma.

A Busy Pride

Going down to one of our regular sighting spots was very rewarding on one of our morning drives. After driving down the route along the bank we came across a very large pride with cubs as well. We watched as the cubs played tug-of-war with the head of an impala while others slept lazily in the hot sun.

A male lion finds shade in Chobe National Park.

Feeding Time For Baby Giraffe

There is always something new to see on safari that even the most experienced guides don't see. On this drive along Route 17, we spotted a beautiful female giraffe. Following closely behind her was her very small calf. We watched the pair and were so excited when the calf began suckling on the mother. The guide had never seen this before so was just as giddy as the guests were.

Dinner With A Leopard

Our team at the lodge spotted an impala carcass in a nearby baobab just outside the lodge entrance. As our guests were arriving back from the afternoon drive the leopard returned for his meal. Our guests were in awe watching as this beautiful leopard feasted on his well-earned meal.

It has been a thrilling month of wildlife sightings even though the weather has been unusually rainy. As the floodwaters recede even more we look forward to the wild displays of life in the African bush.

Until next time,
Ngoma Safari Lodge