Deteema Springs Wildlife Sightings July 2023

The beginning of July certainly felt like the peak of winter in Hwange National Park with temperatures dropping to minus 2 degrees at times. Ponchos and blankets on the game viewers became the guests' best friends on the morning game drives.

As the temperature rises throughout the day we began to see different species of animals basking in the sun to warm up. As we approached the end of the month there was a drastic temperature change. It started getting very warm in the morning, affording amazing wildlife sightings at the waterholes.

Cast your gaze upon the awe-inspiring view of Deteema Springs Camp.

Sundowners With A Show

After a long morning of a very quiet and cold game drive, we headed back to camp and prepared for the evening drive. As we drove towards the Deteema dam we heard the baboons barking and we decided to investigate and drove to the Deteema seeps area.

When we arrived we saw the lions heading down to the seep to drink with small cubs following close behind. The cubs and adults began playing and interacting. We sat for a long time watching them as we enjoyed our sundowners.

A pride of lions feeds on a kill in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.

A Buffalo Breakfast

On a morning drive, we looked up and saw vultures soaring around the Deteema picnic site. We immediately drove there because where there are vultures there is action.

After about 30 minutes of searching, we managed to find a pride of lions on a kill. It turned out to be the Deteema pride feeding on a buffalo they had recently killed. We spent half the morning watching these lions enjoying their meal.

A lioness prowls in Hwange National Park.

Painted Dog Surprise

While the guests and guides were out on a morning drive, one of our regular guests, Joan stayed behind to watch her favourite elephants near the camp. While we watched the elephants we were amazed to see five wild dogs appear out of the thicket. They moved through the area quickly on the trail of some impala. It was a memorable encounter for us and Joan!

A wild dog is spotted on game drive with Deteema Springs Camp.

Cheetah Surprise

We often look out for tracks and read them so that we get a general idea of what transpired the previous night. We went out one-morning tracking lions and when we got to salt pans, instead of lions we spotted some hyenas on a termite mound.

As we sat taking photos some young cubs appeared out of the bush. On our way back to camp we happened to turn a corner and right in front of the vehicle was a cheetah. It was not just any cheetah but Cruxis, the first cheetah introduced to Hwange National Park.

Cruxis the cheetah is spotted while on safari with Deteema Springs Camp.

We are so looking forward to the approaching spring weather. The water holes will be coming to life with visiting wildlife. All these encounters will be amazing for our guests.

Until next time,
Deteema Springs