Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings June 2023

As we reach the peak of winter, Chobe National Park's floodplains are finally starting to recede. Mid-winter also brings with it cooler temperatures that are greatly enjoyed by wildlife and people alike.

Machaba Safaris Ngoma Safari Lodge

A Full and Happy Big Cat

When we stumbled across a male lion on a game drive it became very apparent that he had just filled his belly with a recent successful kill. We watched as he waddled over to a nearby waterhole to drink some water before finally finding a nice sunny spot to lie down and nap. 

The Wandering Leopardess

Our guests were thrilled to spot a leopard while out on a drive during the day. We spent a long time following the female leopard, who appeared to have just finished a kill. She wandered for a long time through the thicket and across the open plain, giving us a great view of her graceful prowl.

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Leopard

Bad Manners

Spotting a pride of lions feeding on a large buffalo is always a thrilling moment for our guests. There were a lot of growls and snarls happening between the pride as they tried to get their fill of the carcass.

As soon as the meat on the carcass began to dwindle, so did any bit of manners the lions may have had. The dominant male began chasing the younger males off the carcass and at one point even gave us a good stare-down that sent shivers down our spines.

Love Is All Around

For lions, there is no breeding season. They will take any opportunity, at any time throughout the year, to mate. While out on a drive we heard the typical growls and snarls associated with lions mating.

We headed towards the noise to find the couple just outside of the main camp. The guests were excited to witness such an important part of the lion's behaviour.

Where There Is Water There Are Buffalo

As the waters begin to recede we have found that the buffalo, who are water dependent, have been sticking to the banks of the Chobe River. We can often come across huge herds congregating here, up to 500 strong. The sight of hundreds of buffalo is awe-inspiring and always a highlight for our guests.

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Buffalo

The receding waters of the floodplain have definitely yielded some exciting wildlife encounters this month. As the water on the floodplain gets less and less we anticipate even greater changes in the behaviour of the wildlife. What an exciting time!

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