Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings May 2023

May has proven to be a remarkable month with floods rising up each day, giving the land a renewed feeling. The flood waters are filled with the life-giving water from the Chobe and Zambezi rivers. Despite the cold temperatures during the morning and evenings, the days are warm and sunny. 

Botswana Chobe Ngoma Safari Lodge

When Patience Pays Off

It was the very last game drive for our guests so we decided to stay out a bit longer to hopefully catch a glimpse of their first leopard sighting. We bumbled along for some time towards Simwanza Dam, following tracks and signs that seemed to always lead to a dead end. Eventually we found some fresh tracks on the road that turned out to be from a jackal nearby. 

The guests were thrilled as it was their first sighting of black-backed jackal. We kept on our search for a leopard and stopped at a huge baobab tree to take some photos. It was there that we heard the guineafowl give an alarm call. We quickly scoured the landscape and were so excited to spot, not one but two leopards. They weren't shy either, moving close by the vehicle and giving our guests a great encounter they will not soon forget.  

Elephants Take Dip

After a few days on safari, our guests had not yet had a close sighting of our majestic Chobe elephants. On one of their last days we were out on the Chobe River boat and were happily spotting lots of birds and hippos.

It wasn't until we were nearly back at the dock that we came across a herd of elephants happily swimming in the river. The skipper managed to position the boat at a safe and close distance and we sat for over an hour watching as they frolicked in the water. It was an unforgettable sight!

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Elephant Swimming

A Private Moment, Interrupted

We had some thrilled guests who had their first ever lion sighting while out on a morning game drive. It just so happened that the moment we chose to stumble across a male and female lion, they were right in the middle of mating. It was an exciting and strange encounter for our guests but one that they will soon not forget.

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Lions Mating

A Momentous Encounter

While on our way down to the banks of the river at a spot known as Serondela Place, we were so excited to see a huge dust cloud in the air. The cloud was made by the stampeding of a huge herd of buffalo. As we approached we discovered the cause of the disturbance.

A large pride of 23 lions were on the chase. We watched in anticipation as the action unfolded in front of our eyes. The herd split and the lions were able to focus on just one buffalo and in the end managed to secure their dinner. Our guests were awe-struck and talked all night about this unbelievable wildlife encounter.

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Kudu

Kudu Bull Fight

It's not very often we get to witness the powerful spectacle of two large kudu bulls fighting for territory. Our guests were blown away by the ferocity and lengthy duration of the fight. The bulls locked horns and butted heads for over 40 minutes until the victor was revealed. 

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Buffalo

This action-packed month was definitely one to remember. With all the incredible sightings and unbelievable moments, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us.

Until next time,
Ngoma Safari Lodge