Machaba Camp Wildlife Stories May 2023

Winter is well upon us at Machaba camp and as the chill morning air stirs the excitement in camp and the Khwai River flows, we are experiencing some amazing wildlife sightings.

Given Away

Circling a tree a laughter of hyenas, crazed with frustration, yearned for the lifeless impala hanging from above.

A leopard had made a kill earlier that day and thinking ahead, pulled his kill up to the safety of the tree’s strong branches and away from the scavengers below. 

Wild, Wild Dogs…

A wild dog chase always has us sitting on the edge of our seats.

We have been seeing three wild dogs regularly around camp this month and one day were in the right position to watch a hunt take place. After spotting a small herd of kudu with young, the wild dogs gave chase and managed to catch a kudu calf.

On a different day, the dogs chased an impala calf into a river, where the young antelope met its match with a crocodile waiting for the opportunity. 


After watching some hyenas crying at the base of a tree longing after the leopard kill, it made sense that they had been feeding more mouths than first assumed.

On a late evening game drive, a hyena with two pups was spotted. An abandoned den is not far from camp and our guides suspect it might become a new home for our cackling friends. 

Resident elephants have been moving through the camp to snack on the nutritious camel thorns during another eventful month filled with emotion at Machaba Camp. What will next month bring? 

Until next time,