Our journey of evolution

The impact of COVID-19 has been nothing short of devastating. The travel industry has not been spared, we have been brought to an instant standstill. These effects have been felt by all, even those like us that operate in some of the most remote, untouched places on the planet. Many are speculating about a recovery and wondering whether and when we will get back to normality.

It is in these challenging times that we have decided to look inwards and reflect. We believe that humans have an inner calling to nature; to be exhilarated, to be one with nature and to reconnect with our origins. Connecting with nature allows us to shed the baggage of modern society, gain a sense of peace and unlock true wisdom. This is profoundly important and will continue to be so.

Machaba Safaris is a family business which was born out of a pure love and deep connection with the African bush. It is this very passion that has created our deeper purpose; creating life changing connections with nature. The Machaba experience is all about creating authentic African Safaris in some of the most iconic places on Earth to enable people to reconnect with their origins and awaken an energy within.

These experiences are created through careful thought, and in partnership with local communities, while ensuring we actively conserve these dynamic ecosystems for posterity and ecological continuity. This approach forms part of our DNA and can be experienced in our low-footprint, intimate camps and integrated partnerships with our local communities.

Although COVID-19 has bestowed unfathomed chaos on the world, it has made us more conscious of the importance of our purpose than ever before. We are resilient and we will adapt. We believe that nature holds eternal truths and ultimate balance and it is becoming ever more crucial to connect with nature - to be inspired by it and experience what is truly important.

We will continually strive to build our understanding of protecting these precious eco-systems and local communities that surround them. Even though there are restrictions to our operations, the conservation and community work continues. Ultimately as an organisation we are on a journey of evolution, which is aimed at constantly enhancing the experiences for our guests so that they may be fully immersed in nature and connect with ancient knowledge hidden within.

The legacy we will continue to create is one where wildernesses across Africa are harmoniously conserved in collaboration with local communities so that these precious regions can be experienced by people for generations to come. It goes without saying that we are delighted to be on this journey and privileged to be able to work toward this future. Naturally this would not be possible without you and the greater Machaba family - the lifeblood of our organisation. It is through this very understanding, that now more than ever we want to stay connected, we want to continue sharing inspirational stories and create shared hope for brighter days to come.

We look forward to welcoming you into our intimate camps in the near future.