Deteema Springs Wildlife Sightings June 2023

The dry season is slowly approaching as our winter intensifies. Temperatures drop in the mornings and rise during the day with another sudden drop again in the evenings.Most of the natural pans have dried out leaving animals with no choice but to visit bigger water holes.

Some days are windy with cool weather conditions during the day. We are beginning to hear rutting noises from rams competing for their mating rights. 

Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Camp Pool

Elephant Bull in Musth

After a very long drive in search of elephants, we were very fortunate enough to come across a massive elephant bull, in musth. Watching this big bull gently walk along the road about 50 meters ahead of us was a special moment for most of my guests.

For them, it was their first encounter with elephants. As he started walking towards us we realised his temporal gland was dripping. The smell is quite potent and filled the air around us. He came very close to the vehicle, shook his head and kicked dust towards us when he noticed we were not moving he then decided to walk past us.

As he continued with his mission, we could see him getting smaller as he moved off deep into the thicket. The guests were in awe of this encounter!

Caught Off Guard

With limited water available the wildlife encounters get more and more exciting. One day, we pulled up to the waterhole where a herd of elephants were enjoying a cool drink. On the periphery, there was a pride of lions waiting patiently for their turn at the waterhole.

The lions were positioned between the vehicle and the elephants. As the elephants started to leave the waterhole, one member of the herd caught sight of the lions and in a split second alerted the rest of the herd.

As if with one mind the herd all charged, ears out and heads down, at the lions. Some of the sub-adult lions got the fright of their lives and ran back to hide near the vehicle. The commotion was over quickly but left not only us but also the lions in shock and surprise!

Zimbabwe Deteema Springs Elephant At Pan

Love Is In The Air

When people plan their holidays to come to Africa, seeing lions is one of their expectations. Spotting these lions early in the morning was more like a dream come true for our guests.

Two of the lions were sitting very close together and away from the rest of the pride. After a bit of head rubs and playful growls, the two began the very loud and exciting process of mating. It was over relatively quickly but this special moment was one that the guests will never forget.

A Spoiled Hunt

Just out in front of tent six, we watched as a very patient lioness stalked four impalas nearby. Just a few meters from her, a spurfowl was scratching happily at some elephant dung.

The impala was getting closer and closer to the lioness who didn't move a muscle. It was almost the perfect time to pounce. It was at this moment that the spurfowl caught a glimpse of the lioness and let out a loud alarm call. The impala scattered and the lioness was left disappointed and thinking about taking up a new diet of spurfowl.

As the water recedes even more in the next few weeks the animals will begin to congregate. When so much wildlife is in such close proximity we are bound to have some remarkable encounters.

Until next time,
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