Mana River Camp Wildlife Stories October 2023

Life thrives in careless abandon in Mana Pools. The summer showers in Zimbabwe have brought an explosion of colour to the landscapes and as the rain clears the dust-filled air, the views from our Mana River Camp are spectacular.

A Pup Expedition

Starting in the early hours, we headed out for a game drive towards Nyamepi and we weren’t the only ones who decided to take advantage of the dawn rush hour.

A pack of wild dogs were making their way to the Chisasiko pan to drink with their pups. An amazing experience, this is among the first excursions the wild dog pups have taken with the rest of the pack. 

The Unexpected

We had been bumbling along on a morning drive when a herd of impalas called out in alarm. Once we reached the scene, we found a leopard had taken down one of the harem just minutes before. 

Experts In Conservation

Recently, guests at Mana River Camp expressed a sincere interest in the painted dog conservation efforts in Mana Pools. Being veterinarians themselves, they were keen to meet with the researchers who work in the area. 

After a call to the Conservation team, we headed out to meet them for the day and as we left camp, we passed a pack of wild dogs! How’s that for manifestation? 

An Unfair Fight

The wild is no place for the weak. On a morning game drive from camp, we witnessed a lone buffalo bull who seemed to be without one of his horns. The buffalo seemed spooked, but upon investigation, we could not find any danger around. 

The next day, as we drove past the same place, we saw that the bull had been taken down by a pride of lions. Without the use of one of his horns, the fight was hardly fair!

The brutal nature of the wild was evident in Mana Pools this month and we are in eager anticipation for the great wildlife encounters that are sure to come next month!

Until next time,
Shepard, Tinashe and Henry
Mana River Camp