Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings October 2023

October is Botswana’s hottest month, and temperatures can exceed 40 degrees especially in the Northern part where Kiri Camp is situated. It is a dry season with no wind during the day and thunderstorms in the late evenings which bring some relief.

Despite the heat, it is a popular month for safari, especially along the Okavango Delta which is famous for its herds of thirsty elephants. The drying pools also trap fish, which draw vultures and other scavengers in for a feast. Away from the Delta, the vegetation is sparse and dry making it ideal for spotting predators. 

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Elephant

Playful Pups

Despite the heat and low level of waters, the predators have been spotted along the river. A pack of wild dogs with eight little cubs were seen close to the river bank. The young ones played around and decided to come in close to the vehicles for a better look at us - always carefully watched by the adults. Our guests were thrilled as it was their first time seeing wild dogs. 

Cheetah Surprise!

After eventually heading back to camp after a game drive, we were delighted to spot a cheetah emerging from the nearby thicket. He then stopped and posed for a while.  This was a great way to end off the drive. The guests were thrilled with their first sighting of a cheetah!

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Cheetah

Kiri Blue Eyes

While out on our morning drive we spotted loads of general game such as elephants, giraffes and warthogs but it was strange that we had not yet seen any predators.

Luckily for our guests, our resident leopard, Kiri Blue Eyes, decided to make an appearance. She had managed to bring down a kudu and was happily tucking in while we watched in awe.

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Kiri Leopard

Adorable Future Predators

Some days the bush likes to reward you with an incredible sighting. We spotted two female hyena and decided to follow them. They eventually led us to their den where we found they had four little cubs.

We were all astonished by how adorable these predators are when they are babies. Such a remarkable sighting for our guests will not soon be forgotten.

Warthog For Starters

As we headed towards an area known as Britney’s platform, we stumbled across a pride of lions that had just killed a warthog. The little appetiser did not last very long and was devoured in less than 30 minutes. Watching the lions feed, with all the snarls and growls was very exciting!

What an unbelievable month of wildlife sightings we have had at Kiri Camp. As we head deeper into summer weather patterns we look forward to more awe-inspiring encounters.

Until next time,
Kiri Camp

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Lioness