Wildlife Stories Verney's Camp August 2022

Favouring walking safaris, our guests have been treated to some amazing wildlife sightings in the last month at Verney’s Camp. Welcoming back guests who have travelled with us before, their expectations were exceeded and more incredible memories made.

The King Has Spoken

As the golden dust seemingly exploded into the air surrounding an immense pride’s feeding frenzy, one sharp roar halted the commotion to a stop.

Enforcing law and order, the dominant male of the pride took centre stage and forced the sub-adult males to the bottom of the pecking order. Careless cubs managed to get their share before they were bullied by the more senior lionesses as the pride of 22 lions feasted on a bull eland. 

Machaba Safaris   Zimbabwe Safaris   Verneys Camp   Wildlife Stories   Aug 2022   Male Lion

A Mammoth's Meeting

Appearing out of thin air, one by one, each elephant joins the herd as they take their turn drinking from the waterhole in front of the camp. Easily over 200 elephants have come to conduct their evening ritual. 

Machaba Safaris   Zimbabwe Safaris   Verneys Camp   Wildlife Stories   Aug 2022   Elephant Herd At Waterhole

Thinking Ahead

As the crunch of bone fills the air, a pride of lions feed on their well-deserved kill. A wildebeest, translating to ‘wild beast’, this mammal is not an easy take-down. But what we didn’t see at first was the second kill hidden in the tall grass nearby. An abundance of food does not come around every day for male lions, who can go days without food. 

As another exciting month comes to an end, we look forward to what’s to come…

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