Ingwe Pan Camp Wildlife Sightings May 2023

As we have moved into mid-winter the nightly temperatures have certainly dropped but the days remain sunny and warm. The pan has been attracting a wide range of animals from the enormous elephants to some tiny baby crocodiles.

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Walking With Lions

At Ingwe Pan we have some of the most experienced guides who take our guests on regular walking safaris. While out on a walk, our guests were treated to the sight of a pride of lions. Not once but twice on one walk. A walking safari in Mana Pools is a truly immersive and authentic African safari experience.

It is a great way to connect with nature and to learn about the park's wildlife. When we track animals on foot it’s a wholesome fully immersive experience. The guests were able to watch the lions as they hunt, play, and interact with each other. In addition to lions, you will also see a variety of other animals on a walking safari in Mana Pools. 

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Birds Everywhere

Ingwe Pan is the ultimate experience for birding. There have been many sightings of rare birds recently that have been seen enjoying the diverse landscape ideal for flourishing bird life.  

During our morning coffee, we were greeted by a pair of African pygmy geese and a striking malachite kingfisher. Ingwe is surrounded by little pans and mopani trees making it a prime location for birds. When the morning and afternoon light filters through the trees it creates the perfect backdrop for photographing the birds.

A Beautiful Close-Up

While out on drive in the afternoon, a beautiful female leopard decided to cross the road ahead of us, giving us a good look at her perfectly spotted coat. It is all about good timing when on safari. Sometimes the universe aligns perfectly for our guests who can then enjoy the beauty of nature in front of them.

Pathways Tell A Story

Ingwe Pan is surrounded by beautiful sandy pathways that are raked smooth every day. The clean canvas can then be inspected each morning to see what has been walking through camp in the dead of night. With our morning coffee in hand, we set out to investigate and identify the late-night visitors. 

Elephant in Camp

Ingwe Pan has a beautiful fig tree right at the heart of the main area and just beyond that is the beautiful pan full of fresh water. During lunch one day we watched as a lone elephant bull, carefully and gently, approached the fig tree in front of camp.

The guests were able to enjoy their meal while the elephant ate the sweet fruit. The elephant stayed for over an hour, and the guests were amazed by its patience and grace. The elephant was very careful not to damage the fig tree, and it even seemed to enjoy the peace and quiet of the camp. The guests were so grateful to have such a close encounter with this amazing creature.

Who Is That Calling?

After the sunset one evening we began to hear the high-pitch squeak of a cheetah, at least what we assumed was a cheetah.  We scanned the pan with a spotlight and were able to see some eyes reflected back at us.

We drove to the spot where we saw the eyes to investigate further and came across a very unexpected surprise. The noise was not that of a cheetah but instead was coming from a group of newly hatched crocodiles.  Crocodile eggs usually hatch during the warmer periods of the year so this was a very unusual sighting.

This has been one of our most thrilling months of wildlife encounters. Elephants in camp, walking with lions, and a new batch of baby crocodiles have given our guests a safari experience they will never forget.

Until next time,
Misty Drummond
Ingwe Pan Camp

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