Machaba Camp Wildlife Sightings November 2022

The rainy season has definitely begun in the Okavango Delta. The clouds have been building each day and releasing the afternoon showers down on the hot land. There were a huge number of new antelope births this month, attracting loads of predators looking for an easy meal. This means lots of thrilling wildlife sightings at Machaba Camp.

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Uninvited Dinner Guest

After an exhilarating sunset game drive, Eric and his guests arrived back in camp to witness a leopard hunting and killing a young impala. The leopard had been spotted frequently in and around camp recently, often delaying guests as they were coming for tea.

Machaba Botswana Okavango Delta Machaba Camp Leopard

Lioness Hunting Near Camp

Our guests staying in our Little Machaba Camp were so excited to watch as a lioness successfully hunted and killed a red lechwe near their tent. The guests then left on their afternoon game drive, only to return to see the lioness still relaxing there after eating her fill of red lechwe.

Wild Dogs on The Hunt

This time of year brings so many new births for all the antelope. These young antelope are easy pickings for a pack of hungry wild dogs. They were spotted taking down a young impala just near camp, an incredible sighting for our guests who so badly wanted to see wild dogs.

Lions vs Buffalo

A buffalo is no easy target, even for a pride of lions. In an area near our staff village, we watched as a pride of lions worked together to hunt and kill a large buffalo. The exciting encounter was enjoyed by our guests, who watched as the whole pride then got to fill their stomachs.

A Little Too Relaxed

We have had quite a few warthogs given birth in camp lately. With all the new young warthogs running around camp they have begun to feel very much at ease. They are often seen hanging around the waiter’s station and walking through the main camp area.

This month has been thrilling, with loads of successful hunts and plenty of births. As the rain sets in and the rivers start to swell, we look forward to the changes in the water levels and colours of the bush.

Until next time,

Ona and BT
Machaba Camp Guides