Gomoti Plains Wildlife Sightings October 2022

October at Gomoti Plains means two things, lots of amazing hot weather and loads of billowing thunderclouds. These dramatic weather conditions are exciting to watch especially when the ensuing rain drenches the parched land, turning the dusty brown landscapes into lush greens.

Strength of a Leopard

While out on a game drive, our guide Carl came across a female leopard who had just made an astonishing kudu kill. This magnificent leopardess had used her mighty strength to haul the roughly 100kg carcass up a sheperds’s tree. As the guests admired the leopard feeding, the carcass slipped down from the tree and onto the ground. The leopardess was not ready to let this meal go so she jumped down to retrieve it once more. It is always impressive to see a 60kg big cat scale a tall tree with about 100kg in its jaws.

A Very Busy Pride

About eight months ago, the northern pride welcomed 14 lion cubs from four different mothers. Miraculously, there are still 12 cubs that have survived since then, a remarkable achievement for this great pride.

Three Become Seven

We were so excited about the recent births of three little cubs in one of our lion prides. What we did not know is that the careful lionesses managed to keep four more little cubs hidden from view, and so three became seven! What a happy surprise!

Botswana Okavango Delta Gomoti Plains Lions Drinking

Nimble on Tiny Legs

Just like clockwork, as soon as the first rains arrive so do the baby antelope. We watched in awe as a three-day-old tsessebe was up and running on her lanky little legs. It is no wonder they hold the title of the fastest antelope.

African Wild Dog Puppies

We recently discovered an African wild dog den far down in the south. The pack moved their den site when they were very small to avoid a pride of lions in the area. We didn't think we would ever see them again but to our delight, they were spotted on a game drive about three kilometres from camp. Now with only three remaining, the puppies were seen stretching and playing in the tall grass, getting ready to start learning how to hunt.

Little Survivor

One of our favourite little cubs is Survivor, he was a single-born cub in his pride and therefore very spoiled by all the lionesses. However, he is in for a big adjustment. His two sisters are heavily pregnant, so this uncle-to-be is going to have to learn to share.

The rains are starting to sweep across the dry Botswana landscape and so begins the transition into the wet season and all that brings.  Whether it is fresh green grass growth or the arrival of new cubs, kittens, and baby antelope, we look forward to all the new life that will be joining us.

Until next time,
General Manager