Machaba Camp Wildlife Sightings January 2024

January is one of the hottest months in the bush, although we had lovely cooler evenings that brought great relief. We had some refreshing rain showers over the middle of the month.

The rain came mostly at night which cooled the evenings down significantly. The landscape is once again green and lush and the flood plains have filled up nicely.

Machaba Safaris Machaba Camp

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We love it when nature surprises our guests, especially those who are visiting Botswana for the first time. On our guests' last morning drive before departure came across a large pack of wild dogs sleeping happily in the bush. We sat and watched for a while, enjoying the peace of these fascinating animals.

Machaba Safaris Machaba Camp Wild Dogs

Loving Lions

For first-time safari guests, the first drive is always a memorable one. On this particular drive, we headed out in search of the iconic wildlife of the Okavango Delta. We were delighted to stumble across a small pride of lions.

As we watched we noticed the male getting very close to a female. The persistent male won over the female and they were seen mating. It was the first sighting of wild lions that they won't soon forget! 

Machaba  Safaris Machaba Camp Lion

Keeping A Close Eye

Amidst the backdrop of clear skies and mild temperatures during a morning safari at Matswere Crossing, an enthralling encounter with captivating wildlife unfolded.

Two wild dogs, engaged in an energetic hunt, demonstrated extraordinary coordination and agility as they pursued their prey across the grasslands. Simultaneously, we were alerted to three male lions and one lioness. We watched in awe as these powerful big cats surveyed the action unfolding. 

Machaba Safaris Machaba Camp Lions

Life And Death In The Bush

It was a sunny day with a gentle breeze during our morning safari at Acacia Crossing where an exciting sequence of events unfolded before our eyes. As we traversed the landscape, our attention was drawn to the graceful movement of a leopard as it roamed gracefully through the surrounding foliage.

Among the quiet elegance of the leopard’s presence, however, another discovery attracted our attention. Safari guide BT spotted the carcass of a buffalo. A grim testament to the unforgiving reality of the bush. The buffalo was undoubtedly the victim of a lion kill.

Machaba Safaris Machaba Camp Leopard

If the incredible wildlife encounters we have had this month are anything to go by, the rest of 2024 will be full of dramatic and memorable moments. 

Until next time,
Atty & Moss
Machaba Camp