Kiri Camp Wildlife Stories January 2024

The summer months in the Okavango are known for hot, sunny days and afternoon rain showers that cool the air. Plenty of time was spent poolside this month as well as exploring the wild plains and narrow waterways of the Okavango at Kiri Camp.

Mike Myers Kiri Green Season

Lunch at Lepapana Pan

Heading out towards Lepapana Pan one morning, we could feel the excitement building within the game viewer - what would the day hold? 

We were in for an exciting day ahead and as we reached the pan, we spotted a leopard feeding on an impala kill. Leopards hunt alone and unless this leopard had cubs, the animal would be able to feed on the impala alone until the vultures and hyenas got wind of the irresistible scent.

Machaba Kiri Camp Leopard

Brotherly Bond

A coalition of two lions has been spotted recently around camp. Moving around together, these lions are likely brothers and know that by staying together they are stronger for now. 

The usually solitary lions will stick together for now. Once they find a pride to take over, the stronger lion fights off the weaker and forces him out.  In the meantime, their hunting success rate is significantly higher. 

Machaba Kiri Camp Lion

Hands Full

Our guides had not seen a pregnant lioness for some time and were delightfully surprised to find her next to the road near Green Pan. With five suckling cubs, the new mother looked calm as we spent some time with her. 

Machaba Kiri Camp Lioness

Catch of the Day

Arriving back to camp after an eventful game drive, the action was far from over. 

We came across a pack of 19 wild dogs chasing a herd of impala. With a success rate of 90%, we knew the dogs had a good chance of catching an impala and to our surprise, they managed to take down two antelope. 

A bittersweet moment, we watched the dynamics for a while before heading back to camp to enjoy a delicious lunch of our own. 

Machaba Kiri Camp Wild Dogs

Kiri Blue spent a lot of time in view from camp this month. From countless sightings of our resident leopard, the five new lion cubs and a handful of young tsessebe, to hyena pups, the rain has proven once again to revitalise the earth and bring new life. 

Until next time,
Kiri Camp