Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Stories January 2024

The water levels along the Chobe floodplain are rising as the rain pours down on the parched earth this month. 

The rain seeming to excite the wildlife in the national park, guests and guides at Ngoma Safari Lodge had some amazing sightings!

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge

The 10K Herd

As the dust from their hooves on the dry earth settled, a massive herd of buffaloes came into view. Affectionately known as the 10k Herd, this large group of bovines crosses the river close to the lodge now and then, making their way to the Namibian side. 

For some of our guests, it was a first to see such a large herd of buffaloes, and for others, this was their first sighting! One that cannot be beaten, we are sure. 

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Buffalos

Hope Springs Eternal

Skipping their afternoon game drive, our guests were itching to get out after dark and were eager to see what the wild would bring. 

Joking about hopefully seeing a lion or leopard at nightfall, they enjoyed a siesta in the afternoon heat. When darkness fell, it was time to head out. Just ten minutes later a large male leopard appeared in the Muchenje Valley, not far from camp. 

It seems a little manifestation and some expert tracking from our guides goes a long way. 

The King's Call

Following the call of the King of the Jungle, we set out to find what the lion had to roar about so early in the morning. 

We found the old male under the shepard tree, known as Katopi, finishing off the carcass of a buffalo calf. 

Botswana Ngoma Safari Lodge Lion

A Surprise of Six

Six cheetahs decided to welcome guests into camp one day this month, creating a buzz of excitement and acting as a good omen for their stay. 

We don’t often see cheetahs in Chobe so this was a very special sighting even for our experienced guides. 

From the unofficial welcoming committee of a coalition of cheetahs to some amazing rain that has transformed the landscape, this month was full of excitement and we cannot wait to see what next month holds. 

Until next time,
Ngoma Safari Lodge