Verney’s Camp Wildlife Sightings January 2024

There has been a huge change in the landscape as January received some good rains in comparison with other months. All the trees and grass turned green and the natural water pans filled within a week. 

Zimbabwe Verneys Camp Sunset Elephants

A Wild Dog Chase

Lately, we have been seeing two wild dogs roaming the concession. It appears they were interested in a very large herd of kudu in the area. One morning we spotted the kudus running at top speed through the camp, with one attempting to hide in the pan.

In a split second, the wild dogs pursued them, only to be distracted by the cheering from guests. They spent the remainder of the time playing in the water puddles and forgot about the kudus they were chasing. While watching them play, we realized that they had made a kill and were now taking chances again on another antelope.

Zimbabwe Verneys Camp Wild Dogs

Graceful Giants

A massive herd of giraffes has been frequently spotted in the area, feeding on the Jesse woodland. It has become common for these herds to consist of more than a dozen individuals. The largest herd we observed comprised twenty-one cows, accompanied by numerous male calves. It was a sight to behold, with the towering giraffes curiously standing and monitoring our movements.

Zimbabwe Verneys Camp Giraffe

Call Of The Wild

A dominant coalition of two male lions from the concession paid a nighttime visit to the camp for the first time since losing their brother. One of the guests had expressed a wish to hear lions roaring in the night.

Her wish was granted when the two magnificent lions began roaring incessantly just outside her tent. Initially enjoying the distant calls, she wished for them to come closer, and again, they did not disappoint. Within an hour, the roars grew thunderous right in front of her tent. 

Zimbabwe Verneys Camp Lion

The first month of 2024 has been exciting and full of once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters. The rains have brought relief to the animals and the landscape. We are looking forward to many more incredible sightings at Verney’s Camp.

Until next time,
Verney’s Camp