Machaba Camp Wildlife Stories September 2023

The start of spring was unpredictable and lent itself to exciting wildlife encounters at Machaba Camp. 


A mating pair of lions has been spotted recently near camp. Guests have been delighted to bear witness to this special pairing and our professional guides are starting to speculate when we might see a few new paws in the pride. 

A Good Day for The Hunter

It is not uncommon for us to witness a few kills while on safari, but when lions, leopards, and wild dogs all manage to make successful kills, that's truly an exceptional day.

Four lions were seen feasting on a waterbuck kill at White Sand Crossing during a morning game drive. In the afternoon, five wild dogs took down an impala and on our way back to camp, we found a leopard that had hoisted an impala kill up a tree. It is but a cruel reality of the bush - one must die for another to thrive. 

Love is in the Air

Leopards are generally exceptionally elusive animals. So when guests at Machaba Camp came across a mating pair of leopards, they were absolutely thrilled. 

Leopards will scent-mark trees using their urine to communicate with potential mates. This can go on for days until the pair meets up and seals the deal. A male will then stay with the female for one to four days. During this time, the pair will mate about four times an hour.  

The Watch

Nature unleashed an abundance of general plains game this month. Giant herds of buffalo crossed the Khwai River and breeding herds of elephants stopped to drink at waterholes near the camp.

But where there are plains game, there are predators…

Buffalo-stalking lions, opportunistic hyenas and vigilant leopards were all present and accounted for making for unbelievable wildlife sightings. The month might have been unpredictable, but it was its organised chaos and moments of thrilling encounters that made for an extraordinary safari experience at Machaba Camp. What might next month bring? 

Until next time,
Machaba Camp