Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings January 2023

The heat of summer has settled in, leaving the Okavango Delta dry. Incredible weather patterns have been without the accompanying rains for a few weeks. These dry conditions, although tough for the wildlife, creates incredible sightings especially around the waterholes. 

Botswana Kiri Camp

No Escape

It's not every day that seasoned guides and trackers have once-in-a-lifetime sightings with their guests. While out on the drive we were all shocked to discover a very large African python wrapped around a captured impala. We watched in awe as the python began coiling itself tighter and tighter around the struggling impala. The impala tried its best to escape but to no avail. 

Too Hot To Move

This unrelenting heat in the African bush has had its toll on even the strongest of predators. A male leopard was seen lounging comfortably on a very tall ant mound, trying its best to catch a slight cool breeze. The relaxed posture of the big cat was a lovely sight for our guests, who could sit for a while and take in the elegance of such a formidable hunter.

Botswana Kiri Camp Leopard

An Unexpected Daywalker

On a game drive, it's not unusual to occasionally come across a nocturnal animal during the day. However, there are times when a timid nocturnal animal, that even shies away at night, is spotted during the day. So imagine how thrilled we were to see a pangolin crossing over Xaxaba Road in broad daylight! He waddled across the road and into nearby bushes to find safety until nightfall.

The Last Few Bites

The fastest land mammal, the cheetah, was spotted tucking into his recent impala kill. It is always exciting to see these speedy yet dainty big cats, and even more so when they have been successful in a hunt. Often bullied off their kills by other cats, and relentless scavengers, it was great to see this male cheetah finishing off the last bit of his kill in peace. 

Botswana Kiri Camp Cheetah

New Neighbours

Getting new neighbours can sometimes be stressful, but for us to come across a new pride of lions moving into the area is exciting. A new pride of two males and three females were spotted. We had a wonderful time watching as one of the males roared out into the area to let everyone know that a new pride is here.

To say this month has been thrilling would be an understatement. We have had some of our greatest-ever sightings and the year has only just begun!

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