Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings August 2023

The month of August caught us off guard with a sudden chill that persisted for at least three to four days, making mornings and evenings feel remarkably cold. However, as the days progressed, it warmed up slightly.

We found ourselves in the midst of the windiest time of the year, with gusts predominantly occurring from early morning around 7 am throughout the day, and picking up again in the afternoon. The initial cooler weather was tough on animals, but as the days passed, temperatures gradually rose, bringing relief.

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Leopard VS Cheetah

It's truly astonishing how guides have an uncanny ability to detect animals. Out of nowhere our guide, On, stumbled upon a magnificent cheetah, catching its breath after successfully hunting a reedbuck. While we watched, a leopard appeared.

Observing these two apex predators together is always captivating. The poor cheetah didn't attempt to fight for its hard-earned meal, it simply watched as the leopard enjoyed a free feast, eventually carrying it up a tree.

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Leopard

Looking For Lions

Often it happens that you hear the lions calling in the night, only to go out very early the next morning and not find them anywhere. Then one afternoon, we all headed out for a game drive and decided to check the Maun road. We followed some tracks here and there but couldn't find the lions.

That was until we spotted a glorious young male lion sitting on top of a mound. He looked very regal and was keeping an eye on some lionesses nearby. After such a tough search for the lions we were all, guides and guests, thrilled to watch them until the sun went down.

A Lucky Escape

We spotted Kiri, our resident leopard, stalking some warthog one afternoon. The chase was incredible to see. AFter the warthog was caught, Kiri decided to show off his strength and drag the warthog up a nearby tree.

The moment was thrilling but as the leopard reached the branch the warthog slipped out of his clutches, fell to the ground and, to our amazement, ran away! We weren't sure if we were more impressed by the leopard or the warthog.

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Kiri Leopard

There was so much action this month at Kiri Camp. As we head deeper into the dry season we are going to see even more epic wildlife encounters.

Until next time,
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