Kiri Camp Wildlife Stories July 2023

The cold winter mornings soon heat up with the excitement of the day ahead. One never knows what the day may bring and we jump on the game viewers in eager anticipation to explore this pristine wilderness that is the Okavango Delta. 


Our expert guides are always on the lookout for vultures. This scavenging bird tells us a lot about the bush and when Mike and Taps saw a murder of vultures landing and taking off in the distance, no time was wasted. 

As expected, we arrived on the scene where two lions were feeding on a fresh buffalo kill. It is unknown whether the lions made the kill themselves, but nevertheless an excellent sighting for our guests who had never seen lions before. 

Evening Delight

The safari doesn’t stop once we reach camp. Freshened up and sitting down for dinner, our guests were in for an evening delight when one of our waitresses spotted something on the floodplain.

A herd of impala were grazing in front of camp when two wild dogs gave chase, startling the impalas and forcing them to run for safety. An unsuccessful chase for the wild dogs, perhaps, but for us it was an exciting entrée to our dinner. 

A Quick Snack

During a recent game drive, we happened upon a lioness stalking a warthog.

As the lion is not too fast a runner, it will wait hidden in the shadows and camouflaged from sight, before its prey is close enough to attack. We watched for a few minutes as the warthog meandered nearer and nearer to its fate. In the blink of an eye, the lion pounced, giving little chance for the warthog to live another day. 


Our resident cheetah has finally had her cubs!

Three healthy cubs and one healthy mother. She remains highly protective at this stage, so we were careful on our recent game drive not to get too close for her to feel uncomfortable. 

Until next time,
Kiri Camp