Gomoti Plains Wildlife Stories July 2023

Not so long ago, the floodplains around Gomoti Plains were dusty and dry.

Pula! The thirst-quenching lifeblood of the Okavango has arrived and since then Gomoti Plains has been bustling with wildlife activity.

Strength in Numbers

A litter of cheetahs has welcomed a strange fourth member. As three young cheetahs navigate their way through the perils of the African wilderness, there is strength in numbers. 

Recently, a young male, whose attention had been caught by the lithe female, joined the group. Once the new male has mated with the female, she will move on by herself and leave the males in a group known as a coalition. 

Expect the unexpected

The wild African bush is a treacherous place to grow up.

One may think that lions are invincible, however, we recently came across a pride of lions with a weak cub. The cub looked to have been bitten by a snake. Not strong enough to work off the venom, it is unlikely the little cub will survive. 

A Proud Moment

It is fascinating to watch the dynamics of mother and child in the bush. A different pride consisting of four lionesses has grown to a total of seven members. Three new cubs have joined the ranks and we cannot wait to see them grow big and strong. 

This month was exciting and full of activity, joy and heavy hearts as we said goodbye to an intern who spent the month with us. Thank you, Noah, for your contribution, enthusiasm and growing love of Gomoti Plains. Watch Noah’s video here.

Until next time,
Gomoti Plains