Kiri Camp Wildlife Stories November 2023

November welcomes the beginning of the green season. With the rain becoming more frequent, our landscapes escape their golden hues and transform into lush, verdant fields. The waterholes are slowly starting to fill again, giving much relief to the abounding wildlife.

Dinner for Three

As the temperatures started to drop one afternoon, three cheetahs began to move.

Spotting a warthog on Ghost Island, the three mammals took chase and collected their dinner. 

A Calm Mother

During a game drive recently we came across a lone lioness and her one-week-old cub. The lioness was relaxed with us as we watched in awe of this special bond being created. 

A mother will leave the pack for a while and hide her cub until she is ready to introduce it to the pride. Guides and guests were delighted to share in this very rare sighting. 

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings Lioness Cubs

The King takes on a Giant

It takes a special skill to bring down a fully-grown giraffe and around Kiri, only one lion is known to do so.

During a game drive, we spotted a lion on the hunt. The unsuspecting giraffe was silently grazing when the attack commenced and within a few minutes, the lion had proved his King of the jungle status. 

The wild never ceases to amaze us. We enjoyed some amazing sightings this month and cannot wait to see what next month holds. 

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Kiri Camp

Machaba Safaris Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings Lions