Gomoti Plains Wildlife Stories November 2023

The rains have arrived and with them, an explosion in population sizes. Herds all around us welcome calves, pups and cubs and the predators lurk closely, knowing that their efforts will be well rewarded. 

27 Strong

A pack of 13 wild dogs has recently doubled in numbers as they welcomed 14 pups. Sightings of the pack together have been few and far between as the adults protect the pups in a den nearby. 

Lunch on the Boro River

A pursuit on the Boro River began when 19 wild dogs spotted a herd of Reedbuck. Watching the wild dogs hunt in perfect unison is always a privilege, their skill unparalleled in the wild.

The hunt culminated in a healthy-sized Reedbuck for lunch on the banks of the river. 

Spoiled for Choice

A leopard mother is a force to be reckoned with. One such leopard had two kills neatly stacked in twin trees. Her curious and excitable cub was spoiled for choice and jumped between the trees having a taste of both kills. 

A Sad Goodbye

The Northern Pride has lost their dominant male leader to old age. 

Siring the birth of 14 cubs between 4 lionesses, this old man has garnered the respect of his pride for many years. As we followed the pride over the year, our guides were able to get to know him and understand that the respect of the pride was well-deserved. The ultimate protector and teaching to his young, we mourn the death of a great lion. 

We will be keeping an eye on his pride as they become vulnerable without their leader.

Until next time,
Gomoti Plains
Images by Charles Glatzer