Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings November 2023

November has proven to be unusually warm, accompanied by an unexpected influx of rain. So far we have recorded at least 45mm of rain in a day. The Chobe flood plain is drying up quickly, we will have to wait for the floods from the Chobe and Zambezi to fill the plain.

Close Up Leopard

This was one of the most captivating moments with a leopard. Initially, we identified the presence of the leopard through its tracks, and eventually, our excitement peaked when we discovered the impala carcass beneath a tree during the late afternoon in the area known as Number 10. 

Following the leopard's tracks, we meticulously checked the area. As we approached a section near a hole created by erosion, the leopard emerged and boldly positioned itself right in front of our vehicle. This moment delighted our guests, who eagerly captured photographs in close proximity to the magnificent leopard.

Our encounter lasted for more than 20 minutes, during which the leopard gracefully wandered around, showcasing its grace before climbing a nearby tree with its hard-earned impala kill.

Lioness and Cubs

On our guests' last day at Ngoma headed towards Simwanza dam. As we approached the dam, it looked very quiet so we started checking for any tracks. As we were about to go around the dam, from a distance we saw heads moving behind a small termite mound.

Nelson, our tracker, pointed out that there is something under the termite mound making some movement. We switched off the engine to take a closer look and after 10 minutes, we saw a lioness moving towards the termite mound where her cubs were playing.

Two lionesses came out of the bush with their four cubs, and they passed by the vehicle without any worry. Our guests were thrilled as seeing lion cubs was on their bucket list!

Heron and Lizard Battle

This rare sighting captivated both the guide and the guests during our boat cruise on the Chobe River. We observed two squacco herons engaged in a fierce battle with a monitor lizard on the riverbank.

We first noticed the lizard moving from the river to the island looking for the heron's eggs. Suddenly, the two herons with wings outstretched appeared, advancing towards the lizard. Simultaneously, both birds opened their wings wide and screeched their warning calls to deter the lizard. This sighting was a truly unique and memorable experience.

What an exciting month at Ngoma Safari Lodge. The heat and occasional rain definitely brought us some thrilling sightings. We look forward to the coming rains and the awe-inspiring wildlife encounters.

Until next time,
Ngoma Safari Lodge