Kiri Camp Wildlife Stories June 2023

There is a winter buzz around camp as we eagerly await the flood waters in the Okavango Delta. Brilliant sightings are keeping us on our toes and looking forward to our next game drives.

Little Treasure

An unfamiliar rustling in the grass led Peter in the direction of a sighting he won’t soon forget. 

A pangolin! 

A guide’s senses are hypersensitive and learning the sounds of the bush, can differentiate between the slightest sounds. As Peter listened for the distant roar of a lion, the odd shuffling caught his attention. After an afternoon following lions, our guests quickly forgot about the pursuit and settled in to experience an elusive pangolin go about its business. 

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings Pangolin

A Resolute Resident

Awaiting the flood water is no easy feat for our wild friends. The African bush can be a brutal place to live, especially when sharing a vanishing waterhole with a resident crocodile.

As massive herds of thirsty elephants continue to visit the last remaining waterhole, it is quickly turning into a muddy patch. Trying to navigate the ever-diminishing water levels and the tremendous size of its guests, a lone crocodile remains, with ancient knowledge that soon enough, this waterhole will be an oasis. 

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings Crocodile Game Viewer

An Uncertain Future

The Kiri pride must sleep with one eye open as two new males patrol the area. Recently, we have noticed two new lions who intend to take over the Kiri pride as well as their territory. 

Guests were amazed to watch as two lionesses defended their cubs from the young usurpers in a battle that was over as quickly as it began. Soon after, the two new lions gave the pride some space and moved on… for now. 

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Kiri Camp Willdife Sightings Lion Pride With Kill

Daylight Robbery

On this particular game drive, we were watching a cheetah enjoy an impala kill when a leopard came out of the bush and before we, or the cheetah, knew it, had stolen the kill and pulled it up a tree. As we drove away from this unbelievable sighting, we came across a pride of lions resting and drinking at a waterhole. 

We experience a lot of thrilling and unforgettable sightings at Machaba Safaris and on a rare occasion, guests were treated to sightings of a cheetah, leopard and lion in one afternoon. The best part is, they were all a matter of minutes apart. 

Kiri Camp was buzzing with excitement after these amazing sightings and we can only imagine what next month will bring…

Until next time,
Kiri Camp

Machaba Safaris Okavango Delta Kiri Camp Wildlife Sightings Cheetah