Botswana Machaba Camp Sightings February 2021

Most of the floodplains in the Okavango Delta are inaccessible because the Khwai River has risen considerably because of all the rain, flooding the plains with large amounts of water. Everything looks fresh and we are blessed with green foliage and pretty rainbows when the rain clouds and stormy weather subsides.

While the rain keeps us off the floodplains, it doesn’t keep us from going out to see wildlife around Machaba Camp.


We were lucky enough to spot a male and female ostrich pair with their creche of seven chicks. This is not a frequent sighting and doesn’t happen often in the delta.


A female warthog and her two piglets have moved in close to camp and were often seen feeding throughout the month.


There were five lions with full bellies near the gravel road. We looked but were unable to find what they had been feasting on. 

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Machaba Camp

Machaba Camp is an iconic 1950s style safari camp alongside the picturesque Khwai River to optimise privacy and views of the animals coming to the river's edge to drink.

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