Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings January 2023

Turning the golden grass green, the summer rains have nourished and quenched the earth’s thirst. The Chobe floodplain is filling up from the mighty Zambezi and the landscape is changing, welcoming new scenes every day.


All in a Day’s Work

Our guests were mesmerised by the efforts of a dung beetle employed in the task of rolling its ball. This small black beetle is often overlooked but has quite an impressive purpose.

A dung beetle rolls balls of collected faeces to eat or in which to lay its eggs. A female will lay each egg in what is known as a brood ball, which she will bury, and her offspring will survive on the sustenance given by the ball in their early stages of development. Recycling the nutrients deep into the ground, dung beetles form an important role in keeping the soil healthy and nourished.

A Wild Siesta

A lion lounges in a sycamore tree much like a leopard might. Lions do not often climb trees but have been known to climb specific trees to gain perspective and scan the wilderness, to escape from pests or potentially catch a cool breeze in the heat of the day.

After some time watching the zebras grazing nearby, this female lion leapt from the supportive branches and rejoined her pride, playing with her sisters. 

A Mammoth Battle

Three elephants engage in a battle of mammoth proportions. Stunning guests, the usually calm elephants fought for dominance near Ngoma Safari Lodge. Fights like this can end after some playful practice or end in a battle to the death.

Thrilling sightings and some much-needed rainfall was the highlight this month at Ngoma Safari Lodge, what will next month bring?

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