Wildlife Sightings October 2020

Average Temperature: High 30s
Rainfall: Briefly at the beginning of the month

October was filled with quite a few heart-pounding sightings. The brief rains we had at the start of the month turned everything green making the whole place look beautiful.


We start where we left off on our last sightings report (September) when the buffaloes still reigned supreme at Deteema. Hundreds of them slowly making their way down the seeps like the current Kings that they are.

Though we can’t help but feel that things are bound to take a turn sooner rather than later. It’s been way too quiet, this is the calm before the storm. Be sure to read this whole sighting’s report to find out what happened.

Elephants and Giraffes

As we watched our gentle giants drink and bath at the dam a journey of giraffes arrived and it was simply breathtaking to watch as they walked along the dam wall, all 17 of them!

All I could hear in the vehicle was a series of “oohs-and-ahhs”, myself included. Although they are a common sight at this time of year, 17 of them together does not happen often.

Impala, Cheetah and Wild Dogs

We were getting our caffeine fix before a morning drive when all of a sudden our resident herd of impala took off running because behind them moving like a bolt of lightning, was a cheetah covering the gap between them in no time at all. Sadly, it was not meant to be as the impala got the better of him. What a rush.

This was just the start of a busy morning for us and the impalas, well let’s just say it was not their day. Whilst lamenting on how we were not ready and did not have our cameras with us, the impalas were back again and this time a pack of wild dogs hot on their heels.

The unlucky female impala that got singled out decided to outwit the dogs and boy did she do it in style, jumping over the small wall at camp she took refuge in the main area and found herself on the deck. Unable to walk, all she could do was stumble and fall about with the wild dogs watching from the other side. Eventually, she managed to slip-and-slide off the deck onto the poolside and then off she went, leaving the dogs bewildered and just as confused as we were.

Zimbabwe Hwange National Park Deteema Wild Dogs

Bat Eared Fox

This is by far the most exciting sighting for me and I have spent countless hours watching them, and it’s been magical each time. Hopefully, these new members of the Deteema Springs family will stay a little longer.

Located not even 200m away from camp, this pair of foxes are always seen
outside their den and are very eager to pose for photos. Just this morning l finally got a glimpse of the three baby foxes.

What a special moment it was and this was just the first of many sightings. This sighting is extremely rare, but at Deteema we occasionally have the privilege to see them.

Lions Hunting Buffalo

We all knew that this was the calm before the storm, the reign of the buffalo was due to an end at some point in time. It ended in style as well with the buffaloes having lost two of their herd to the lions in a brutal form of retribution.

The kings are indeed back and on top of the food chain after the humiliation suffered two months ago. After feeding, the lions then went on to the dam and sat in ambush watching as a herd of over 1,000 buffaloes came to drink. With their target selected the lions went on the offence only to come up short in a half-hearted attempt at hunting.

Hearts pounding we went back to camp only for the lions to follow us back and chase the buffaloes into camp. What a way to stage a comeback. The KINGS are back.

Zimbabwe Hwange National Park Deteema Springs Wildlife Sightings October 2020 Cta
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