Wildlife Sightings August 2020

Average Temperature: 33ËšC
Rainfall: None

Zimbabwe’s dry season is in full swing! We are very grateful for the occasional cool breeze that makes the high temperatures bearable in Hwange National Park.

Our Giants

One of our favourite things about Deteema Springs is our armchair safari experience where the animals come to you, instead of the other way around. Most famous for doing this is our resident herd of elephants that enjoy taking their time walking into the seeps.

While the herd take a leisurely drink, the babies run around playing in the mud. It is just too cute and everyone at camp loves watching them. This is a sighting that never gets old and the more you see it the more you can’t wait for the next day to watch it all over again.

Feathered Beauties

At times we forget how amazing the birdlife in Hwange is until the birds themselves give us a reminder. Our bird guide, Nkosana, pointed out some Cape teals which we don’t often see in Zimbabwe.

Not to be outdone by a tea, a greater flamingo then showed up which really blew our minds because yet again these birds are also not Hwange residents. Other feathered beauties we saw in August were some avocets and yellow-throated sandgrouse.

The Kings of Deteema!

Nothing gets the blood pumping like the sound of lions roaring in the distance just as you are about to leave camp for your morning drive. Just past the dam, we saw a herd of over one hundred buffalo and we had just slowed down to take in this magnificent sight when, lo-and-behold, two lionesses snuck up to them.

Hearts pounding, we waited in silence as they slowly crept through the golden grass towards the unsuspecting herd. Just in time, a loud bellow from one of the buffalo alerted the heard and they quickly closed ranks.

Without warning the herd charged at the lions, splitting them up and in the process unearthing two more lions we never even knew were there. The lions were chased about until they had no choice but to call it quits, which they did with their tails between their legs.

As humans, we all have a spring in our step after an accomplishment and it is no different for animals. Our resident herd of buffalo had won their match against the lions in a knockout victory, and now it was time for the victory parade. There was showing off to be done and they delivered in style.

We were already back in camp when the herd arrived, and what an entrance it was. A dust storm in the distance with the thundering of hooves created quite a fanfare as they made their way from the tree line to the front of the camp.

Then they slowly yet proudly walked into the seeps. It was almost as if they were taunting the lions and claiming themselves as the dominant species of Deteema.

Machaba Zimbabwe Hwange Deteema August Sightings 2020 Lionss

Now, the question on everyone’s lips is, “have the lions been dethroned or are they yet to make their comeback?”

Keep a lookout for the next wildlife sightings report from Deteema, and you will find out. Until then, take care,

General Manager

Machaba Zimbabwe Hwange Deteema August Sightings 2020 Cta Hwange
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