As the sun starts to set on another unbelievable year, we’d like to take the opportunity to share our gratitude for your loyalty and support. Together, we have witnessed staggering wildlife encounters, explored untamed safari destinations and created unforgettable moments with new and old friends on safari.

Reflecting on 2023

Thinking back on the past year this Festive Season, we can’t help but think of all the memories made and the ones we have yet to create. Take a look at some of our highlights here. 


Thanks to our expert guides and trackers, we had many once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters. From watching a Serval hunt a water snake at Gomoti Plains to finding a Pangolin shuffling in the grass at Kiri Camp and watching a pack of wild dogs ward off an opportunistic hyena at Mana River Camp, the year was filled with exceptional wildlife sightings. Take a look at our blog here.


Seven of our students at Gonnye Setlhare School have graduated and are moving on to Grade One in 2024. Built in May 2019, the main purpose of the school is to educate our younger generation who are our future conservationists. One day these students will take responsibility for protecting and conserving the Okavango Delta.


Our team carries an undeniable passion for the wild and a commitment to bringing you an unforgettable journey. From crafting the freshest gin and tonics to sharing their insights into the wild, each moment is a celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We are so delighted to be surrounded by a wonderful team whose passion grows with each day immersed in the wilderness.

Looking Forward to 2024

Our Eco-Luxurious Camps and Lodges

We are embarking on an exciting journey in 2024 as we look forward to the soft-refurbishment of Machaba Camp, Little Machaba, Gomoti Plains and Gomoti Private. Temporarily closing the doors of these safari camps in the renowned Okavango Delta, we will open with a fresh perspective of sharing these remarkable safari destinations with you.

Deteema Springs, Ingwe Pan and Mana River Camp will be closing for the season and are set to open again on 1 April in Hwange and 01 May in Mana Pools

**Dates for closure vary per lodge, please contact us for more information


Our Irreplaceable Team

We are proud to announce that Phepele Lebepe, affectionately known as Mr P, is bringing his culinary expertise to our camps and lodges. His passion for imparting knowledge is evidenced by his previous roles involving the training of chefs, butlers, and managers. By showcasing Botswana’s cuisine and exploring a farm-to-fork culinary innovation, we are looking to transform our safari food offering.

Don't Miss Our 2024 Specials

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