Machaba Camp Wildlife Stories May 2022

Our summer rainfall has ceased and we are starting to experience chilly nights and warm, blue-skied days. The lack of rain is turning the surrounding bushveld into stunning hues of gold and the thinning vegetation makes it easier to see further into the landscape, which results in some exciting sightings. 

Lioness Takes the Lead

One afternoon, we came across a pride of lions preparing to cross the Khwai River. After sufficiently assessing the situation and looking out for potential threats, one brave lioness took the lead and pounced in, swimming across to the banks of the Moremi Game Reserve. After a few moments, one by one, the rest of the pride followed suit as well as a lazy male we had not seen lying in the vegetation.

Machaba Camp   Botswana   Wildlife Stories   May 2022   Lions Prepare To Cross River

Playing With Food

Growing up in the African bushveld is one big learning curve. A pride of lions were enjoying a fresh elephant kill and we noticed a curious cub among them. The cub played with its food, so to say, experimenting and trying the different ‘cuts’, playing with the elephant's truck and climbing over the carcass. A good lesson, indeed! 

A Deadly Battle

Male zebras, along with many other antelope and mammals, will fight to the death for dominance. A male zebra succumbed to injuries sustained in one such battle and a pack of 19 wild dogs were the first on the scene to claim the dead as their own. The bold dazzle of zebras tried to ward off the approaching wild dogs to the fresh kill, which caused a huge commotion and disorienting dust clouds. After a lengthy battle over the dead, the wild dogs prevailed and enjoyed a well-deserved feast. 

Short-Lived (Sensitive Content)

Sound travels far in the African bushveld and one afternoon we heard the clear calls for help and the eerie laughter of hyenas. Following the sounds, we came across spotted hyenas who had just taken down a baby kudu. The hair-raising sound of bone being crushed combined with excited squeals hung in the air as the clan ripped apart the young kudu. 

Easily Distracted

A young lion cub keen to play jumped and pounced on its mother as she lazily hung in the branches of a fallen tree. Seemingly content, the cub was happily playing until it was distracted by a snouted cobra nearby. 

Every Watering Hole Has Its Regulars…

Joining us for High Tea, an elephant continues to roam near camp and is especially fond of the Camel thorn tree outside one of our suites. Our guests were delighted with the number of close encounters and loved watching the elephant quietly from camp. 

Machaba Camp was abuzz with activity and as the season progresses, we are looking forward to what is to come in the next month!

Until next time,

Guide, Machaba Camp

Machaba Camp   Botswana   Wildlife Stories   May 2022   Elephant Drinks At Waterhole