Ngoma Safari Lodge Wildlife Sightings August 2023

Spring is definitely settling into the Chobe National Park. We have been having some very warm days leading to a huge congregation of animals seen along the Chobe riverfront.

Machaba Safaris Ngoma Safari Lodge View

Full and Happy

We stopped off at a nearby waterhole and came across a male lion drinking water. He turned towards the vehicle and we noticed how full his stomach was. He had been feeding on a buffalo kill from the previous night and definitely got his fill. We watched as he headed to the shade of a nearby tree so he can rest and digest his food safely out of the heat of the African sun. 

Machaba Safaris Ngoma Safari Lodge Lion

Leopard and Cubs

A leopardess brought her two cubs to an impala kill that was well hidden in the thickets. We waited patiently for almost 20 minutes for them to come out for a better view. We were thrilled when the mother came out and laid just a few meters from our vehicle to clean her beautiful coat.

After a few minutes, the cubs joined her. The guests could not believe what they saw. The cubs frolicked and played, licking their mother's face and staring at our vehicle. One guest said it was the highlight of her African trip.

Greedy Lion

A pride of 12 lionesses brought down a male kudu. After a few minutes, a male lion arrived and started fighting with the females over the half-eaten kudu. There was a lot of growling and snarling, and the females did not want to let their hard-earned meal go just like that. The male managed to chase all the females away from their kill and finished off the kudu.

This was a wonderful month for big cat sightings. As the temperatures continue to rise and the water dissipates we expect to see more of these thrilling encounters.

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