Ingwe Pan Camp Wildlife Sightings August 2023

As we get into the spring of things, the pans begin to come alive with wildlife. The surrounding pans are fast running dry leaving animals no choice but to come and visit Ingwe Pan. Here, the safari unfolds right under your nose from the comfort of your arm chair. 

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Life Around The Pan

The kudus stand elegantly tall with their ears rotating back and forth cautiously approaching the waterhole. Their white and taupe markings blend seamlessly into the dry grass behind them.

The Bushbuck creeps through the dry grass making a nervous dash for the refreshing oasis that is Ingwe Pan. They usually come in a group of three, always watching and keeping their eyes open for any predator ready to jump out of the bushes. 

The warthogs playfully chase each other in circles with their tails straight like arrows, pointing up in the air, only stopping to munch on fresh grass or a quick drink of cool water. 

The baboons run about mischievously darting back and forth from the shady oasis of the ancient jackalberry trees to the gleaming fresh water. Not wanting to miss out on the seemingly safe moment, the bandit mongoose and guineafowl dart in between them, taking advantage of the opportunity to get to the thirst-quenching water. 

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A Buffalo Welcome

We welcomed the guests to Ingwe after their short drive from the airstrip with a refreshing drink. As they walked out under the strangler fig and looked out over the breathtaking pan, staring back at them from the other side of the pan was a massive herd of buffalo.

The buffalo then put on a great show, they rolled around in the mud and water with great abandon cooling themselves down from the 35-degree heat. What a spectacular welcome for the guests.

A Pachyderm-Sized Guest

There is hardly a single day that goes past without the elephants roaming through camp. Mothers, aunties, sisters and babies all stopping by to say hello, show off to the guests, eat some nourishing fig leaves and have a refreshing drink in the water.

They seem to know exactly when the guests are having lunch and pass through to join them. The babies are always so precious to see and it is a joy to watch them learn how to use their trunks.

Wild Dog Surprise

Just a short distance from camp, Orry our guide, spotted something under the shade of a nearby tree. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was a pack of wild Dogs with all seven pups. It was the first time we have seen the pups out and about looking so strong.

The pack was completely relaxed in our presence. We were respectful and cautious as we are highly aware of the ecological pressures on the wild dogs. They often come to Ingwe to get a rest from the flood plains and we are so happy to have them on our private concession. What a privilege to sit and be at one with nature and enjoy these rare animals. 

Machab Safaris Zimbabwe Ingwe Pan Wild Dogs

It is getting very warm during the days now, but with that comes some unbelievable wildlife encounters. As the pans begin to dry up, more and more wildlife will be passing very close to Ingwe Pan, and we will be ready!

Until next time,
Ingwe Pan Camp