Verney’s Camp Wildlife Sightings May 2024

Without a doubt, winter has arrived in Hwange. Nights have become cold, but guests at Verney's camp are fortunate to have electric blankets. Morning temperatures have been averaging 13 degrees Celsius, making it very comfortable  to enjoy a continental breakfast outside.

Sneaky Lions

The roars and calls of lions were heard at the front pan during the night. At dawn, everyone was ready to go out and find them. However, we soon realised that they had left the area. We tracked the lions for about five kilometres as they moved into the bushes. We paused from our mission to see if we could find any other wildlife.

Little did we know that when we returned to camp later that morning, we would find the pride resting in some nearby shade. It turned into a happy ending with smiles all around.

Lucky Breakfast

At Verneys, when you look back at the amazing breakfasts you have enjoyed it isn't just about the food, sometimes, it's about what you witness during breakfast. Guests were enjoying their morning meal when a pack of wild dogs trotted through the camp and stopped for a drink at Verney’s pan.

Most of the guests didn't finish their breakfast, instead, they swiftly boarded the game drive vehicles and headed to the pan for a closer look. It was an exceptional day, as two packs were spotted within a single day.

Lioness and Cubs

It was mid-morning when we spotted a lioness walking into the bushes. Little did we all realise that she had hidden her cubs there. As we got closer, all the cubs ran out to welcome their mother.

Lioness spotted with her cubs at Machaba Safaris

The very relaxed lioness then gave us a delightful display, nursing and grooming her cubs.. The chubby cubs played hide-and-seek behind the logs while the lioness basked in the sun and posed for photos.

Very Busy Elephants

We were watching elephants at the waterhole in front of the camp, drinking and mud-bathing, when suddenly we saw a female approaching us. She was running away from a few very eager males wanting to mate.

Eventually, she gave in and the guests were thrilled to witness the spectacle of elephants mating. It was something very special for the guests to see, and it's not something we often encounter on game drives.

Elephants at watering hole Machaba Safaris

Sometimes the greatest wildlife encounters happen when you least expect it. So as the saying goes, expect the unexpected!

Until next time,
Verney’s Camp