Deteema Springs Wildlife Sightings May 2024

The weather in May was great for viewing the unparalleled beauty of Hwange National Park and the wildlife surrounding Deteema Springs. With moderate to warm temperatures during the day and the evenings cooling the plains, this past month was characterised by clear skies and the occasional pick-up in wind speeds.

Cheerful Cheetahs

At the start of May, our guide Ophious and his guests went for an early morning game drive. Along the way, they came across one of the cutest sights on the plains. Underneath a bush, a family of three cheetahs were resting while their almost fully grown cubs were playing around. With cheetahs always having to look out for bigger predators, seeing them at peace like this is truly a rare sight.

Cheetahs resting under tree

Cubs In The Oven

Towards the halfway point of the month, our guide Ntandoe and his guests got to see an equally as rare sighting. On another morning drive, our guide and his guests set out for the famous Lion Country, ‘Big Toms’, near Deteema Springs Camp.  

When they arrived, they met the rare sighting of one of the area’s mating couples. We can’t wait to see the new generation of cubs that will be born in four months!

Care For a Drink?

It seems a lot has been happening at Deteema Springs in the mornings. On yet another morning drive to Chingahobe Pan, our guests got to see something that only happens in the driest months of the year.

While they were having a drinks break, a large herd of buffalo sought to cool themselves off in a nearby mud pit and have a drinks break of their own. For 20 minutes, our guests got to see this sight, and they loved every minute of it.

Rise & Hunt

With the six am morning dew still covering the grass of the Hwange plains, our guests cuddled up with the duly provided hot water bottles for one of the last game drives of the month. And on this particular excursion, our guests not only got to see one of the most beautiful sunrises over the Deteema Vlei but also a pack of African Wild Dogs playing right in front of them.

Wild Dogs at Deteema Springs

After observing them play for a while, our guests got to see them switch from playful pups to the wild and ferocious predators that they are on a hunt!

Elephant Oasis

Deteema Springs is famous for being a hot spot for massive elephant bulls. They come here to drink from a nearby watering hole and cool themselves off by covering themselves in mud.

Towards the end of the month, this spectacular sight was once again seen just outside camp from mid-day to sunset. Some guests even reported seeing this in the early hours of the evening. 

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Deteema Springs Camp