Wildlife Sightings June 2020

Although life in the Okavango Delta was tranquil in June there were some very eventful times when it came to wildlife sightings.


There were lions in the Gomoti Plains Camp every night and some eventful interactions occurred during the day. Two lionesses and their eight cubs surrounded a porcupine but the clever porcupine kept their heads together and their quills out for protection.

The stand-off lasted for two hours until the lions finally gave up. In another incident, two lionesses and their six cubs stalked a warthog, but this seemed to be a practise-run to teach the little ones how to hunt.

Machaba Botswana Okavango Delta Gomoti Plains Sighting June 2020 Lion


An intense and noisy courtship display involving 30 wattled cranes was one of the highlights during the month. Cranes, the world's tallest flying birds, partner for life so the spectacular event was something special to see. 


The floodplain also set the scene for hunting activity by an African rock python that was out and about searching for frogs and birds to add to its diet.

That’s it for another month! On behalf of the entire Gomoti Plains Team,
Take care and be safe.

Ponche Whelpton,
Gomoti Plains General Manager

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