Wildlife Sightings August 2020

August was a month marked by cold fronts and high-speed winds, reminding us what winter is all about here in the Okavango Delta. Some of the days surprised us and were warm enough for a swim.

Lions, Lionesses and Cubs

August could have been renamed “month of the Lion” because no guest left Gomoti without having seen our big cats!

Black Back Jackal

The smell of a buffalo-kill attracted 13 black back jackals, although there must have been another one hiding somewhere because they travel in pairs and mate for life. Seeing them was a wonderful experience. We watched as they patiently waited for a turn to feast while our lions chased away the vultures that had also gathered at the site.


Although aardwolf sightings are usually very rare, we have seen a lot more of them lately. We were lucky enough to spot a little guy playing alone, rolling in the sand and having a lovely time. We watched as he entertained us for over 20 minutes before he ran off.

Looking forward to another month of sightings at Gomoti, until next time, take care.

Ponche Whelpton,
General Manager

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Gomoti Plains Camp

Named after the river it borders, Gomoti Plains camp lies alongside one of the smaller of the water system’s flood plains.

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