February 2020 Wildlife Sightings

February was a month full of wildlife sightings for our guests who stayed with us at Ngoma Safari Lodge!


We were treated to lion sightings each-and-every time we went out on a safari drive. Two dominant dark-maned male lions provided guests with some unforgettable viewing when they were sighted out twice on buffalo kills. One of them even decided to make use of our vehicles for shade and lay right next to our front tyre! Meanwhile, the lionesses have introduced their three cubs to the rest of the pride and we are beginning to see a lot more of them out-and-about.

Machaba Botswana Chobe Ngoma Sighting February 2020 Lion


There were many close encounters with leopards on our game drives this month and our resident female around the lodge was frequently seen on night drives. She has finally sent her two-year-old male offspring packing and has been very vocal. Two males have been seen around the lodge so we think this might be because she is ready to breed again.

Wild Dogs

Our resident pack of wild dogs frequented the lodge waterhole and made two kills right in front of the lodge. It is quite amazing to see the seven youngsters getting involved with the hunting.

Machaba Botswana Chobe Ngoma Sighting February 2020 Safari


Zebra herds have quadrupled in size and some are at least 300 to 400 individuals. There are also many zebra foals about.


Elephant sightings have been awesome with the boat being one of the best ways to view them. They completely trust the boats and will quite happily cross the Chobe River whilst we are sitting right there.

Machaba Botswana Chobe Ngoma Sighting February 2020 Elephant


Did you know that the proper collective noun for a herd of giraffes is known as a ‘tower’ when they are standing, and a ‘journey’ when they are on the move?

And with that, it is our turn to get a move on until next time,

The Ngoma Safari Lodge Team

Machaba Botswana Chobe Ngoma Sighting February Cta Sightings
Ngoma Safari Lodge

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Machaba Botswana Chobe Ngoma Sighting February 2020 Lion Drinking Cta
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