December 2019 Wildlife Sightings

The month of December has brought much-needed rains to Chobe National Park.

The change of weather bought with it the most beautiful change of scenery. The green leaves on the trees, the long green grass and the thunderstorm brewing in the distance contribute to this amazing view. 


Sightings of giraffe have been fantastic this month. The lodge waterhole has proven to be very popular. Not a day has gone by without a giraffe showing face below the lodge to have a drink. 


The guides and guests have been spoiled to many sightings of buffalo in December. The herds seem to congregate again because of the abundance of food. 

With the changing of the weather, larger herds are merging again after splitting in July because of the lack of grass. By herding in large numbers, there is also an aspect of safety that comes into play. 


The elephant herds seem to be enjoying the benefits from the rainy season too. Not only is there plenty of food, but all the natural seasonal pans have filled up in the National Park again.

Swimming is one of the elephants’ favourite pass times. Watching them swimming and wallowing is one of the most entertaining sights Ngoma has to offer.


The impala ewes started dropping their fawns in the month of December. The mothers often leave them in little nurseries in the shade at the base of a big bush whilst they feed. This renders them quite vulnerable to get attacked by predators. 

It’s quite incredible to see how impala herds double in size during their fawning season.

It has been quite festive at the lodge this December with Christmas celebrations. From Ngoma safari lodge, we wish everybody a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! 

Until next time…

Ngoma Safari Lodge Team

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