November 2019 Weekly Sightings

Another week has whizzed by at the Chobe Ngoma Safari Lodge where the past week's wildlife sightings are as captivating as ever!

Seen at the Lodge

Our resident genet made her usual stop, while her two kittens peered down at us from their lair - the roof at the entrance of the lodge.

The little mother dutifully visits every evening, scavenging any leftover snacks at the bar once guests are seated for dinner.

Less cuddly than the genet but just as lovely, was a cobra that decided to stop by the dining room. Guests were thrilled by the uninvited dinner guest but were also relieved when the snake was caught and released a safe distance from the lodge.

Following the disappearance of three chicks that were nesting in a palm tree outside the office, we suspect a family of Arrow Babblers were the main attraction on the cobra's menu.

Game Drive Sightings

The highlight sighting of the week was undoubtedly that of a leopard and a baby warthog. We had the privilege of witnessing the leopard entertaining itself for the entire day while it played with the piglet.

The leopard’s focus was set on little Pumba and was unfazed by the presence of our vehicles. Guides and guests were equally entertained and thoroughly enjoyed the show. 

We were also privileged to witness a true wildlife standoff which started off with two lions hunting a buffalo part of a herd. The buffalo bravely fought back and it then became a matter of who was hunting who.

Unfortunately for the buffalo, one was taken down during the night. Lions were seen feasting on it and a baby elephant the next day. 

Machaba Gomoti Experience Safari Mvr 091

Watch Our Video Of This Week's Leopard Sighting

Added to these Machaba animal antics, were the regular sightings of lions, leopards and a great volume of game and birdlife. We’d even seen a hippo, an elephant and lechwe out grazing peacefully together.

Although some guests mentioned that this was an extremely unusual sighting,this is a phenomenon peculiar to the Chobe National Park, who’s wildlife sightings never disappoint. 
Until next time…
Tlhôla sentle
Chobe Ngoma Safari Lodge Team

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